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Refugee Crises

The problem to cope with the amount of refugees from the middle east is turning into a disaster
the world does not yet seem to realise the enourmous conequences.

Their home, does it mean nothing?
Other peoples home, does it mean nothing?

Forcing one self into other peoples homes, with different believes, different cultural back grounds,
language problems, and then there is the cost of it all.

Not even getting into the religious aspects here.

All I can say here is that able people need to fight for their home and future!


Why so long? Lack of Motivation perhaps?

The first blog written on this website was in June 2015, really?

This is rather a long time ago for a blog of this magnitude and possibilities to make an income


I don’t have any excuses for this, but writing about anything at all is not my strenght.

Having said that it is really no excuse, because without any effort at all nothing will happen!

So, hopefully this will change over the next few month as I will try to beat this non action

and get something going here. Good luck to myself and all of you, motivation is the key here.


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