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Pain In The Butt

About three weeks ago I did something to my right leg, like inflamed a nerve somewhere below my spine and I have been in agony ever since.

It is a pain in the butt, literally.

My doctor gave me some painkillers and anti inflammatory pills, but nothing seems to work and make the pain go away.

So, apart from my regular job it is hard to get motivated to do other important work like keeping this internet business going and growing.

Hopefully this dilemma does not last to long and my high spirits return


Climate Change

Green Clean And Then What?

Greenhouse gasses, carbon footprint, ozone layer, hole in the ozone layer, raising sea levels,

the list goes on and on.

Every individual interested in this topic has their own opinion and so do I.


Scientists don’t ¬†agree as to what causes it exactly ( because they have their own opinions and agenda too),


My neighbour and I don’t agree, because we know what causes it, politicians don’t agree, because since when did politicians ever agree on anything?


Does anyone know who started this debacle?

I am not saying it is not what it is, but once mother nature makes up her mind who can stop it?


A few feeble attempts to cut down on industrial emissions, killing millions of cows because of their input, the general public does not give a stuff. and what’s worse, most of the general public don’t even know about it yet.


There is deforestation to a great extend in certain areas on this globe, and this is probably one of the more concerning disasters that faces humankind.


What happened to the Sahara? Has it always been a desert? Very doubtful.

Gobi desert? People?

And here we are, people probing for live on Mars.

Will there be people probing for life on Earth at some time in the future?


A New Start

Just in the last few days I started to focus on a new business venture in internet marketing.
My experience in internet marketing is in all fairness a big zero.

But, when you are committed to focus, it should bear fruit, right or not.

I have had hosting and some good websites, paid up for 3 years and then one day I tried to access one of my websites and I could not get in!!

Tried to contact hosting,no go what so ever.

All their web presence was still there, but could I contact anyone?, absolutely not.

So all my efforts setting up, which took weeks and month – gone. And so was the money for the next two years of hosting.

A lesson learned or course, but the show must go on in order to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

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