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Climate Change

Green Clean And Then What?

Greenhouse gasses, carbon footprint, ozone layer, hole in the ozone layer, raising sea levels,

the list goes on and on.

Every individual interested in this topic has their own opinion and so do I.


Scientists don’t  agree as to what causes it exactly ( because they have their own opinions and agenda too),


My neighbour and I don’t agree, because we know what causes it, politicians don’t agree, because since when did politicians ever agree on anything?


Does anyone know who started this debacle?

I am not saying it is not what it is, but once mother nature makes up her mind who can stop it?


A few feeble attempts to cut down on industrial emissions, killing millions of cows because of their input, the general public does not give a stuff. and what’s worse, most of the general public don’t even know about it yet.


There is deforestation to a great extend in certain areas on this globe, and this is probably one of the more concerning disasters that faces humankind.


What happened to the Sahara? Has it always been a desert? Very doubtful.

Gobi desert? People?

And here we are, people probing for live on Mars.

Will there be people probing for life on Earth at some time in the future?

One Response to Climate Change

  1. Jenni deans 04/10/2015 at 15:58 #

    Yes I agree Jorg it is pretty dam scary ….. We lived in the cream of it , and now it is all turning sour …..well it is “curdling ” now . The almighty $ controling everything , who can blame the refugees scrambling to try to have a better life . Corrrupt power crazy governments , only interested in control of the worlds oil , climate change now unstopable …..Syria…. a Hell Hole …. Going to get worse there . As the super powers try to outdo each other …… RELIGION ….. Ha what a lot that has to answer for !!……i thank my grandparents everyday for their courage to immigrate to the bottom of the world ….. As far away from all the crazies that is going on …

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